Jon Mostad

Jon Mostad


  1. Audio / video

  2. Music on SoundCloud:

  3. Det dagas i den gamla katedralen (Dawning in the Old Cathedral) for organ and soundtrack, played by Dan René Dahl, organ, in Fredrikstad Cathedral 21.02.2013.

  4. String Quartet No. 1: Three Introductions and an Essay, played by the Cikada String Quartet in Moss 14.03.2010

  5.         (W.P.)

  6. Värmland – a Sound Poem (2-track version), copy of master (2007 version).

  7. Nærmere (Nearer), copy of master.

  8. YouTube:

  9. O Sing to the Lord from Two Psalms sung by The Norwegian Soloists' Choir, cond.: Grete Pedersen, uploaded by "studiefragmenten".

  10. The Lord is My Shepherd from Two Psalms sung by The Norwegian Soloists' Choir, cond.: Grete Pedersen,     uploaded by "studiefragmenten".

  11. Recordings on CD or download:

  12.                             Jon Mostad: The Light Shines in the Darkness, Aurora ACD 4978

  13.                                             House (Hus)

  14.                                             The Light Shines in the Darkness (Og lyset skinner i mørket)

  15.                                             Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra

  16.                                             Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.: Michel Swierczewski, Øystein Birkeland,

  17.                                             violoncello.





  22.                                             Hallayö, SA-2016

  23.                                             Mer enn seier (More Than Victory)

  24.                                             Sancti amici (girls’ choir), cond.: Minna Wesslund, Jarkko Yli-Annala, organ.

  25.                                             Also includes works by T. L. de Victoria, M.Wesslund, Marianne R. Eriksen, Jakob Lorentzen                            Lorentzen, Svein E. Gundersen etc.





  30.                                             Something New, LAWO Classics LWC 1076

  31.                                             I butikkenes skoger (In the Forests of the Shops), Text: Rolf Jacobsen.

  32.                                             Pusteøvelse (Breathing Exercise), Text: Rolf Jacobsen.

  33.                                             Christiania mannskor (male choir), cond.: Marius Skjølaas.

  34.                                             Also includes works by Bjørn H. Kruse, Kjell Habbestad, Knut Nystedt, Wolfgang

  35.                                             Plagge, Kjell Mørk Karlsen, Carl-Andreas Næss, and Henrik Ødegaard.




  39.                                             Nocturnus, Aurora ACD 5022

  40.                                             Two Psalms

  41.                                                 1: O Sing To the Lord a New Song (Psalm 96)

  42.                                                 2: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

  43.                                             The Norwegian Soloists' Choir, cond.: Grete Pedersen.

  44.                                             Also includes works by Yngve Slettholm, Magne Hegdal, Kjell Habbestad, and Kjell

  45.                                             Flem.




  49.                                             Ragnar Søderlind, Jon Mostad, Halvor Haug, Aurora NCD-B4948

  50.                                             Towards Balance (Mot likevekt.)

  51.                                             Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.: Karsten Andersen

  52.                                             Also includes works by Ragnar Søderlind and Halvor Haug.







  59.                                             Kjell Mørk Karlsen, Frank Nordensten, Jon Mostad, Aurora ACD 4960

  60.                                             Song

  61.                                             London Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.: Kjell Ingebretsen (The information on the CD

  62.                                             sleeve about orchestra and conductor is erroneous; correct information on the original

  63.                                             LP sleeve.)

  64.                                             Also includes works by Kjell Mørk Karlsen and Frank Nordensten.

  65. Buy CD-s from Lawo Music Store or Propermusic (ACD 5022 and SA-2016 not available on Propermusic;

  66. SA-2016 not available on Lawo Music Store.)

  67. Download albums or tracks from ClassicsOnline (Search for "Jon Mostad"; NCD -B4948, LWC 1076 and SA-201

  68. not availanble.) Download Something New from LAWO Classics. It is also available on iTunes Store – click "View in

  69. iTunes" to download.)         

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