Jon Mostad

          – composer

Choral Music

W.P.=World premiere. Note that dates are given in English (not American) manner:

Where no other publisher is mentioned, scores and other material are available from the National Library of Norway Sheet Music.

Mixed choir

a cappella:

Shout for Joy to the Lord. Psalm 100, SSAATB, 2006.

Text (Engl.): The Bible, NIV.

Duration: Ca. 4'10”

W.P.: Woerden, The Netherlands. 18.06.2022.

Publ. Cantando musikkforlag, Stavanger.

Two Psalms, SSAATTBB, 1997.

1: O Sing To the Lord a New Song (Psalm 96)

2: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Text (Engl.): The Bible, RSV.

Duration: Ca. 10'25”  ( 6'10” + 4'15”)

W.P.: Helsinki, Finland 26.09.2000.

Recording: The Norwegian Soloists` Choir, cond.: Grete Pedersen, Aurora ACD 5022.

Publ. Cantando musikkforlag, Stavanger.

Herre, vår Herre (O Lord, Our Lord; Psalm 8), SSAATTBB, 1992-93.

Text (Norw. and Hebrew): The Bible, NB.

Duration: Ca. 9'.

W.P.: Oslo 10.05.1994.

Saksgrammatikken (Grammar of the Agenda) SATB, 1990.

Text (Norw.): Einar Økland.

Duration: Ca. 2'45-50”.

Canon, SSAATB, 1978.

No text; singing on syllables chosen for the sound quality.

Duration: Ca. 5'25”.

With instruments:

You Have Searched Me, LORD (Psalm 139, 1-18; 23-24) for mixed choir SSAATTBB and violoncello, 2016..

Text (Engl.): The Bible, NIV.

Duration: Ca. 12’45‟

W.P.: Greåker 16.09.2018.

Publ. Cantando musikkforlag, Oslo

Fri meg, Herre (Psalm 140,2-7;13-14) SATB and organ, 2012.

Text (Norw.): The Bible, NO 2011.

English version: Rescue Me, Lord, 2015.

Text (Engl.): The Bible, NIV.

Duration: Ca. 5’.

Publ. Cantando musikkforlag, Stavanger.

Bønn, bekjennelse og lovprisning (Prayer, Confesssion, and Praise. Music to Traditional Liturgy), SATB incl. S  and B solo, and organ, 2009.       

1. Herre, forbarme deg (Lord, have Mercy)       

2. Ære være Gud i det høyeste (Glory Be to God on High)

3. Jeg tror (I Believe)  

4. Hellig, hellig, hellig (Holy, Holy,Holy)

5. Du Guds lam, som bar all verdens synder (Lamb of God.)

Text (Norw.): Liturgy of the Church of Norway.

Duration: Ca. 17’15” (2’05”+2’35”+4’55”+2’40“+5’.)

Commissioned by Nidaros Cathedral Choir.

W.P.(except 3. Jeg tror): Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, 08.11.2009.

Publ. Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo

Were You There,When They Crucified My Lord? The Story of Jesus’ Suffering, Death, and Resurrection According to St. Mark for narrator, vocal soloists (S,T,B) mixed choir SATB w. subdivisions, incl. women’s ch. SSA and men’s ch. TTBB, and orchestra (2(1)2(1)2(1)1-222(1)0 - 2 perc.- piano - strings - soundtrack,1998-2003. (Soundtrack completed 2005; revisions of the score 2011; 2014-15.)

Text (Engl.): The Bible, NIV, and spiritual.

Duration: Ca. 1 h.12'.

Sanger i den siste tid (Songs for the End of Time), SATB with occasional subdivisions, and organ.1984.

Texts: (Norw.) The Bible, NO 1978.

Duration: Ca. 7' (3’30"+3’30”.)

Commissioned by NOMUS for the Church Music Year 1985.

Publ. Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo.

JESUS ÄLSKAR DIG/JESUS ELSKER DEG (JESUS LOVES YOU; Norw. and Swe. version), SATB+talking ch., el.-organ (alt.: Pipe organ with swell), and el.-bass, 1981.

Text (Swe.): Ylva Eggehorn. Norw. version: Transl. by Alfred Hauge.

Duration: 3'-3'10”.

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker for double ch., 2 x SABar, sopr. solo, clarinet, alto sax., and organ, 1976.

Text (Norw.): Brorson / Landstads rev. salmebok, The Bible.

Duration: Ca. 5'30”-5'50”.

W.P.: Fredrikstad, 1992.

Publ. Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo.

Min fred gir jeg dere (My Peace I Give To You), SATB with occasional subdivisions, 4 trombones, 2 perc., organ and 10 solo strings or string orchestra, 1973-75.

Texts (Norw.): The Bible and political slogans.

Duration: Ca. 19'30”-20'.

Generalen (The General) for voice (Bar.), SATB, flute, clar., 2 bassoons, 2 perc., 1972.

Text (Swe.): Johanna Schwarz.

Duration: Ca. 4'30”.

W.P.: Oslo 1973

Fordi Guds ord iblant oss bor (Because God’s Word lives among us), unis. and SA and piano, 1971.

Text (Norw.): A. Frostensson / Johs. Smemo                                      

Duration: 1'10"

W.P.: Bergen 1971.

Men's choir

a cappella:

Pusteøvelse (Breathing Exercise) 1990.

Text. (Norw.): Rolf Jacobsen.

Duration: Ca. 2'40”- 3'.

Publ. Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo.

Recording: Christiania mannskor, cond.: Marius Skjølaas, LAWO Classics LWC 1076

OÅAØYÆEI. Harmonic study, 1976.

Duration: Ca. 3'.

Publ. Musik-Husets Forlag A/S, Oslo.

I butikkenes skoger (In the Forests of the Shops) 1976.

Text (Norw.): Rolf Jacobsen.

Duration: Ca. 1'45”.

3rd prize in Amandus Schibsteds Fond til Mandssangens Fræmme's composition contest 1980.

W.P.: Oslo, 19.06.2014.

Publ. Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo.

Recording: Christiania mannskor, cond.: Marius Skjølaas, LAWO Classics LWC 1078

Children’s / women's choir

a cappella:

Den sommeren (That Summer) 3 songs for children's(/women's) choir, SSA. 1973.

Texts (Norw.): Inger Hagerup.

Duration: Ca. 4'  

W.P.: 1978/1983.

Publ. Musik-Husets Forlag A/S, Oslo.

I forårssol (In Spring's Sun), SSA, 1971.

Text (Danish): Kumbel.

Duration: Ca. 1'

W.P.: NRK/radio 1972

Winner in NRK’s composition contest for children’s and youth choir.

Publ. Musik-Husets Forlag A/S, Oslo.

With instruments:        

Mer enn seier (More Than Victory; Rom. 8,37-39), SSA and organ, 1996.

Text (Norw.): The Bible, NB.

Duration: Ca. 2'10”.

W.P.: Fredrikstad 22.06.1996.

Publ. Cantando musikkforlag, Stavanger

Recording: Sancti Amici, cond.: Minna Wesslund, Jarkko Yli-Annala, organ, SA-2016.

Terje Vigen for recitation, SSA (in short sections only), and wind band, 1994-95.

Text (Danish): Henrik Ibsen.

Duration, music only: ca. 17-18’.

Total  duration incl. text: 30-35’.

Commissioned  by Kråkerøy School Band.

W.P.: Fredrikstad 19.03.1995