– composer

Jon Mostad


vocal music

W.P.=World premiere. Note that dates are given in English (not American) manner: dd.mm.yyyy.

Where no other publisher is mentioned, scores and other material are available from the National LiMusicbrary of Norway Sheet .

          Naar Sol gaar ned (At Sunset) for soprano voice and wind ensemble, 2014.

                  Text (Norw.): Freely after Bj. Bjørnson.

                  Commissioned by Ny musikk Østfold for The Norwegian Wind Ensemble.

                  Duration: 2’10”.

                  W.P.: Halden, 04.03, 2015.

          Himmelhuska (The Swing of Heaven) for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1995.

                  Text (Norw.): Åse Follerås Mostad.

                  Duration: Ca. 1’10”.

          Det finns ett svar för dig.. (There is an Answer for You..), 3 songs for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1983.

                  (Transcription of «Fråga och svar» part II.) Version for soprano/tenor and piano 1990.

                  Text (Swedish): Ylva Eggehorn.  

                  Duration: Ca. 8'.  

                  W.P.: Inderøy, July 1990 (S/T version.)

          Fråga och svar (Question and Answer) for tenor and guitar, 1980.

                  Texts (Swedish): Hjalmar Gullberg and Ylva Eggehorn.

                  Duration: Ca. 14'.

                  Commissioned by Ny musikk, Tromsø.

                  W.P.: Finnsnes, Oct.1981.

          Bånsull (Lullaby) for soprano, pianist (piano and harpsichord,) two perc., 1975.  

                  Text (Norw.): Tor Obrestad and folk song from Setesdal in tradition according to Siri Bakke.

                  Duration: ca. 15'.

                  Commissioned by Ny musikk, Oslo.

                  W.P.: Oslo 1976.

          Two texts from «Spårvagnslektyr»  for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1970/71. Version for soprano/tenor

                  and piano 1990.

                  Duration: Ca. 4'15”.

                  Text (Swedish): Johanna Schwarz.

                  W.P.: Inderøy, July 1990 (S/T version.)