Jon Mostad

          – composer

Other Vocal Music

W.P.=World premiere. Note that dates are given in English (not American) manner:

Where no other publisher is mentioned, scores and other material are available from the National Library of Norway Sheet Music.

Naar Sol gaar ned (At Sunset) for soprano voice and wind ensemble, 2014.

Text (Norw.): Freely after Bj. Bjørnson.

Commissioned by Ny musikk Østfold for The Norwegian Wind Ensemble.

Duration: 2’10”.

W.P.: Halden, 04.03, 2015.

Himmelhuska (The Swing of Heaven) for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1995.

Text (Norw.): Åse Follerås Mostad.

Duration: Ca. 1’10”.

Det finns ett svar för dig.. (There is an Answer for You..), 3 songs for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1983. (Transcription of Fråga och svar part II.) Version for soprano/tenor and piano 1990.

Text (Swedish): Ylva Eggehorn.  

Duration: Ca. 8'.  

W.P.: Inderøy, July 1990 (S/T version.)

Fråga och svar (Question and Answer) for tenor and guitar, 1980.

Texts (Swedish): Hjalmar Gullberg and Ylva Eggehorn.

Duration: Ca. 14'.

Commissioned by Ny musikk, Tromsø.

W.P.: Finnsnes, Oct.1981.

Bånsull (Lullaby) for soprano, pianist (piano and harpsichord,) two perc., 1975.  

Text (Norw.): Tor Obrestad and folk song from Setesdal in tradition according to Siri Bakke.

Duration: ca. 15'.

Commissioned by Ny musikk, Oslo.

W.P.: Oslo 1976.

Two texts from «Spårvagnslektyr»  for mezzosoprano/barytone and piano, 1970/71. Version for soprano/tenor and piano 1990.

Duration: Ca. 4'15”.

Text (Swedish): Johanna Schwarz.

W.P.: Inderøy, July 1990 (S/T version.)