Jon Mostad

          – composer

Electro-acoustic music

W.P.=World premiere. Note that dates are given in English (not American) manner:

Where no other publisher is mentioned, scores and other material are available from the National Library of Norway Sheet Music.

Soundtrack only

Värmland – a Sound Poem, 2-channel soundtrack. 2005. New version 2007, 2-channel and 5.1.

Duration: 10'29".

W.P.: Fredrikstad 09.11.2007 (-07 version.)

Nærmere (Nearer), 2-channel tape.1987.

Duration: 7'21”.

Commissioned by NRK/TV.

W.P.: Bergen 1988.

With live acoustic instrument

Not Quite Solo for violoncello and electronics (precomposed soundtrack and live processing), 2010.

Duration: Ca. 12'20‟

Commissioned by Ny musikk Østfold

W.P.: Sarpsborg 08.11.2010.

The Enchanted Piano for piano and tape. 1987-89.

Duration: Ca. 4'20”.

W.P.: Dartington Hall, Totnes, England, 30.07.2001.

Det dagas i den gamla katedralen (Dawning in the Old Cathedral) for organ and tape.1983-84.  New version of the tape part 1987; digitised and edited 2010.

Text  (Swedish, in the tape part): Ylva Eggehorn, read by Inger Heinerborg.

Organ material for the tape part played by Asbjørn Myrås.

Duration: Ca. 17'20”.

Commissioned by Ny musikk, Rogaland.

W.P.: Stavanger Cathedral 24.02.1985 (1983-84 version).